Additional covid-19 terms & conditions ( 10 May 2020 until further notice)

  • Any new booking must be paid in full in advance.( until further notice)
  • The €20 deposit can only be authorized by credit card
  • Check -in times are between 15:00 - 18:00
  • In case of a cold and / or fever or other covid-19 symptomes, we ask you to cancel the booking ( refunds are only possible according to our terms & conditions)
  • Please pay attention to the guidelines and house rules in the hostel
  • Beach Hostel Jorplace reserves the right to change or cancel your reservation at any time before arrival and during your stay.
  • It is important to us that you also take your own responsibility and comply with the guidelines of the DUTCH  RIVM as we do.
  • We have to do it together and you must be aware that we are and remain a hostel, which also means that the rooms are smaller and the beds are close together.
  • Disinfectants are ready for use on all shared sanitary facilities.
  • We have a custom routing through the Hostel and breakfast times are split for all guests to avoid crowds during breakfast 8-10am.
  • The check - in must be done by 1 person of your group and the rest of the group must wait remotely. You can do this outside the hostel to avoid crowds at the entrance or guests can walk through into the garden and common area.
  • We will not use cash and ask you to pay everything in advance by PIN or credit card.
  • Please note: this also applies to the deposit !!!!!
  • Our standard terms & conditions remain vaild. Please note : different cancellation policies apply for groups 6 person and more.


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