Activities in Scheveningen

Events in Schevenigen

Below is a list of the best events in Scheveningen and The Hague. Check out this handy page of This Is The Hague for the fun activities.

Events in Scheveningen

The Hague Activities

Scheveningen is a district of The Hague. This ancient city behind the dunes has a lot to offer! The Beach Hostel is the ideal base for example, kite, wind or wave surfing. You can also go hiking, nice on the beach and through the dunes. Or rent our longboards to cruise on the new boulevard. You can rent one of our bikes (real beach cruisers), try the Dutch herring in the harbor or cheers to a cocktail in one of the many beach bars.

The Hague Activities

AFAS Circustheater

The AFAS Circus Theatre is one of the oldest theaters in the Netherlands and is located near the beach in Scheveningen. You can go for musicals, concerts, family shows and other theater shows. Also, the beautiful foyers and halls ideal for corporate events such as meetings, conferences or presentations.

AFAS Circustheater

Bike rental

What is more Dutch than getting on a bike and roll through the dunes and the city?

Bike rental in Scheveningen

RIB Boat

Dare to encounter the natural elements and the salt water. The sea conditions are varied by wind, tide and swell! It’s great to get you into the waves at sea.

RIB boat in Scheveningen


Your visit to Scheveningen is not complete without having lived the experience of a surfing session. Surfing is the oldest sports that exist and to the mother of all surfing sports. 

Surfing in Scheveningen


SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle surfing and is the fastest growing water sport of the moment. Not a huge surprise, because Supping is fun, easy to learn and it is a complete workout for the whole body. Everybody who tries this for the first time, is enthusiastic about it!

Supping in Scheveningen

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