Terms and Conditions

* These general terms and conditions have been last updated and come into force on 09-11-2017.

Jorplace BV (Jorplace) details


Jorplace is registered at the chamber of commerce.

KvK-nummer: 27320134

VAT/BTW-nummer: NL819509899B01
E-mail: [email protected]



Jorplace Beach Hostel

Keizerstraat 296

2584 BN Scheveningen

The Netherlands


Jorplace – House rules and terms and conditions

Please note: the house rules described in this document are mandatory behavior guidelines for all guests of Jorplace BV (Jorplace) and must be complied with. If guests, for whatever reason, fail to honor these guidelines, Jorplace’s crew may at all times refer to the general terms and conditions which are also described in this document. The general terms and conditions include, among other things, (financial) consequences that the non-compliance with the house rules entails.


Article 1 | Bookings

1.1 ‘First come, first served’ policy

For all guests it is important to know that Jorplace works with a “First come, first served” policy. It is therefore not possible to take an option on our rooms and beds. The current offer is based on the date, the number of guests and nights, which means that the price can vary when the request changes.

1.2 Payments and reservations

1.2.1 When is my reservation confirmed?

Upon confirmation of the reservation by e-mail our cancellation policy always applies.
The cancellation conditions below apply at all times.

We expect the payment of the reservation within 5 workdays.

1.3 Booking changes

For changes in the booking after it has been confirmed, Jorplace charges 15 euro administration costs.

1.4 Cancellation conditions

It is possible to cancel a reservation at Jorplace, however there are costs involved. You can only cancel by sending an email to [email protected]. Don’t forget to mention your booking reference in this email.

*not valid for non-refundable reservations


1.4.1Cancellation policy for bookings more then 6 persons: Cancellation of reservations up to 4 months before arrival – 25 percent

If guests wish to cancel the reservation up to 4 months before arrival, 25 percent of the total amount will be charged. This relates to the costs for the accommodation, other parts are excluded. The amount that is deducted is equal to the number of people and / or number of nights that will be canceled.

1.4.2 Cancellation of reservations up to 3 months before arrival – 50 percent

If guests wish to cancel the reservation up to 3 months before arrival, 50 percent of the total amount will be charged. This relates to the costs for the accommodation, other parts are excluded. The amount that is deducted is equal to the number of people and / or number of nights that will be canceled.

1.4.3 Cancellation of reservations up to 2 months before arrival – 75%

If guests wish to cancel the reservation up to 2 months before arrival, 75 percent of the total amount will be charged. This relates to the costs for the accommodation, other parts are excluded. The amount that is deducted is equal to the number of people and / or number of nights that will be canceled.

1.4.4 Cancel reservation up to 1 month before arrival

If guests wish to cancel the reservation up to 1 month before arrival, 100 percent of the total amount will be charged. This relates to the costs for the accommodation, other parts are excluded. The amount that is deducted is equal to the number of people and / or number of nights that will be canceled.

1.4.5 Extra

Other items such barbecue bookings are fully refundable for any cancellation at least 14 days prior to arrival.


1.4.6 Cancellation policy for bookings less then 6 persons:

- Cancellations up to 14 days prior arrival is free of charge

- Cancellations up to 7 days prior arrival - 50% charge

- Cancellations less than 7 days prior arrival - 100% charge


Artikel 2 | In- en uitchecken

Check in

15:00 (3 PM) – 18:00 (6PM)

Check out

08:00 (8 AM) – 10:30 (10:30 AM)

2.1 Check-in

When you check in you will receive the following:

  • The key card of your room
  • A three-piece bed linen set

Pay attention! Once you have checked in, money is not refundable under any circumstances.

2.2 Check out

When you check out you have to return the following items at the counter:

  • The key card of your room
  • A three-piece bed linen set: you have to remove it yourself from your bed and blankets, take it to the counter and place it on the designated ‘used bed linen’ stack.


Article 3 | Deposit

Upon check in Jorplace asks all its guests to secure a deposit. The deposit is to protect Jorplace financially against possible and unforeseen accidents, damage and lost Jorplace items during the stay of a guest. The deposit is in a number of forms, depending on the type of stay of the guest(s). An explanation of the various deposits is described below.

3.1 Individual deposit

All guests at Jorplace Beach Hostel must pay a personal, individual deposit. The deposit is 20 euros and must be paid in cash.

3.1.1 Why do I pay individual deposit?

The deposit protects Jorplace financially against possible and unforeseen accidents, damage and lost Jorplace items during the stay of a guest. Examples of when (a part of) the deposit can be withheld are as follows:


  • Key card: when you lose or damage the hotel’s key card.
  • Bed linen set: in case of incorrect use of, not using, not returning or damaging of bed linen.
  • House rules: when the house rules are not followed and respected.

3.1.2 Key card

Guests are given a key card upon check in that grants them access to the hostel and their room. This key card must be kept safe and in good order by the guest himself and returned undamaged during check out.

3.1.3 Bed linen

Jorplace works hard to keep its hostel spotless and hygiene is paramount. Jorplace expects the same attitude from her guests. To help guests keep Jorplace clean and hygienic, a three-piece bed linen set is included in the price of the stay. Jorplace requires guests to use this set, to take care of it and to hand it in at the reception after the stay.

Please note: the use of own sleeping bags, pillows, blankets and other items is not permitted. This is also due to the fact that Jorplace cannot guarantee or determine the hygiene of these items and strives to protect the other guests and the hostel as well as possible.

3.2 Group assurance

When guests come in a group, Jorplace asks the group to also collectively secure a deposit. This deposit is secured in the form of a reservation on a credit card that is linked to the main booker and from which possibly an amount can be deducted afterwards.

3.3 Damages and fines

The individual deposit often cover the small damages and lost goods, but when guests cause greater damage Jorplace always has the right to fine guests and / or to withhold the (individual and group) deposit.

Please note: Any form of damage to or misuse of Jorplace, the guests or the employees during the stay at Jorplace will result in an immediate departure and a penalty equal to the damage or replacement value.

3.3.1 In which situations can Jorplace hold the group insurance?

Jorplace has experienced that when large groups reside in the hostel, some situations can escalate. This causes unwanted disturbances and sometimes even damage in and to the hostel. In these situations, Jorplace is forced to withhold (part of) the group insurance to compensate for the damage.

The following types of damage will not be tolerated by Jorplace and will result in the immediate removal of a guest, the withholding of a deposit and possibly the imposition of an additional fine.

Type of damage or disruptionSpecifics
Damage to, in and around the Jorplace hostelIncluding rooms, corridors, toilets, showers, beds, mattresses, curtains, walls, the roof, the ceiling, washbasins, the kitchen, the bar and all common areas.
Fire extinguisher, hose and alarmThe unnecessary or inappropriate use of the fire extinguisher or fire hose. Causing the alarm system or smoke alarm to go off unnecessarily. Warning: the fire alarm system is not a toy! Damage or unnecessary disruption of the fire alarm system will immediately lead to a minimum 5000 euros fine and compensation for complaints from other guests. When the fire brigade arrives, the fine rises to a minimum of 8000 euros.
Consuming alcohol and smoking

The forbidden consumption of alcohol or smoking in the rooms, corridors and other rooms of Jorplace.
The minimum fine for smoking in the hostel is 300 euro.

SoilingPollution caused by, for example, vomiting, urination, bleeding (etc.) in rooms, corridors and other rooms of Jorplace will result in a minimum fine of 300 euros.
Forbidden substancesPossession and or use of (soft and hard) drugs and / or weapons provides a minimum fine of 500 euros and removal from the hostel.
HarassmentIntimidating, disturbing or harassing other guests, crew or pets results in a minimum fine of 500 euros and direct deportation from Jorplace.

3.3.2 How much is a possible authorized amount of the group insurance?

In order to be able to compensate for damage financially, Jorplace has established a deposit scale. Note: of course the deposit is not withheld unless there is a form of damage. In this table, Jorplace indicates how the amounts correlate with the sizes of the groups.

Groep size (number of guests)Authorized amount (in euros)
16 -25750

Article 4 | Behaviour

4.1 Eating and drinking

Guests may freely use the guest kitchen, lounge and garden of Jorplace. Eating and drinking is exclusively allowed in the kitchen, lounge and garden areas. In the rest of the hostel, including the rooms, eating and drinking is strictly prohibited in connection with maintaining a hygienic environment.

4.2 Alcohol

It is forbidden to bring and consume your own alcohol to and in Jorplace. Do you fancy a beer or a glass of wine? Then join us at the bar and let our bar staff take care of you!

4.3 Silence

Jorplace is a busy place where many guests constantly come and go. Please keep your fellow guests in mind when you move through the hostel and keep it quiet after 9 PM.

4.4 Party

It is no secret: at Jorplace we love a good party. When we plan to organize an event in the common area, you will be informed about this beforehand during check in. Are you not the party animal type? Jorplace sells earplugs for 50 euro cents per set.

4.5 Snoring

Snoring, especially in a dorm room can be very disturbing for the other guests. If you know you snore, we recommend that you have earplugs handy for your neighbors. Jorplace sells earplugs for 50 euro cents per set. You can also let your neighbors know of your snoring behavior and ask them to wake you up (softly) when the sound becomes unbearable.

4.6 Sex

It is forbidden to have sex anywhere in the hostel.

4.7 Smoking, drugs and weapons

Jorplace does not tolerate the possession, trade, sale, transport, manufacture etc. of narcotics, stimulants, drugs, drugs, mind-expanding substances, banned substances, dope and weapons. The possession or use of (soft or hard) drugs or weapons at Jorplace leads to immediate and permanent removal from the hostel. Smoking is only allowed in the garden. Smoking up (marihuana) is not allowed in the entire hostel.

4.8 Own responsibility

Jorplace does everything possible to keep the hostel as safe as possible, but asks its guests to think along, to be careful and to pay attention to their own belongings. Guests are asked not to leave valuables and store them securely. Jorplace makes a number of secure lockers available, but guests must provide a suitable (hanging) lock themselves! Jorplace wants to emphasize that they are not responsible for the property of the guests.

Article 5 | Emergency situations

The Jorplace staff is trained in dealing with emergency situations. In case of an emergency situation, emergency response officers will be present and the designated emergency exits will be made clear. It is important that guests are aware of the fact that knowing where all of the escape routes are is their own responsibility, first and foremost.

5.1 Fire

In the event of a fire, the assembly point is on the other side of the road (the Keizerstraat) in front of Jorplace, in front of the flower shop “‘t Toefje”.

Article 6 | Extra

6.1 Go green: consumption

Jorplace does its best to contribute to a green future and therefore asks guests to save water and electricity whenever possible.

6.2 Go green: recycle

Jorplace loves to recycle! Keep glass, paper, plastic and other waste separate.

Special, separate bins can be found in the guest kitchen and at the containers on the opposite side of the road from Jorplace.

6.3 Hygiene

Jorplace takes all possible measures to keep the hostel as clean as possible and disinfects and regularly cleans the beds, rooms and common areas to combat undesirable impurities (bed bugs, bacteria and other dirt) and eradicate them immediately. Unfortunately, Jorplace can not always remedy all the impurities in time. Jorplace underlines the fact that they are not responsible for any problems that arise due to the presence of impurities caused by the coming and going of guests. Jorplace is also not obliged to provide financial compensation for any costs (eg. replacement hotel, medical costs or replacement of personal belongings, etc.) that arise from this.

Article 7 | Jorplace rights

  • Jorplace reserves the right to change these house rules unilaterally at any time.
  • Jorplace reserves the right to check at any time whether the house rules are being observed correctly by the guests. This may mean that guests are addressed or that Jorplace’s staff performs a room check from time to time.
  • Jorplace reserves the right to remove guests who do not comply with the house rules at all times and to withhold the deposit.
  • Jorplace reserves the right at all times to remove guests from the hostel immediately and permanently, if they deem it necessary.
  • If the actual damage is higher than the total authorized amount, Jorplace reserves the right at all times to adjust the amount of the fine.

Article 8 | Terms and Conditions Jorplace

On all our reservations and offers the Uniform Conditions of Jorplace are the legally binding terms and conditions.

8.1 Scope of the general conditions

The Uniform Conditions for Jorplace apply to the making and content of all Agreements, as well as all offers relating to the making of such Agreements, to the exclusion of all other general terms and conditions. If other general terms and conditions besides these are actually in force, the Uniform Conditions of Jorplace shall prevail where any conflict arises. Departure from the Uniform Conditions of Jorplace is only possible if set down in writing and on a case by case basis. The Uniform Conditons of Jorplace cover all natural persons and legal entities which Jorplace uses or has used in concluding and/or carrying out a Agreement or a different agreement or in running of Jorplace. The Uniform Conditions of Jorplace are applicable to all Agreements, the latest valid version of the Uniform Conditions of Jorplace are considered to apply to all subsequent Agreements between the same parties, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

8.2 Making agreements

Jorplace can at any time and for any reason refuse to enter into a Agreement, except where such a refusal is based purely on one or more of the grounds specified in Clause 429 of the Criminal Code (discrimination). All offers presented by Jorplace in connection with the making of a Agreement are without obligation and conditional “on the supply (or capacity) being adequate”. If Jorplace invokes the said restriction within a period which can be considered reasonable in the circumstances following the Customer’s acceptance of the offer then the intended Agreement shall be considered not to be made. If Jorplace has granted the Customer (option holder) a right of first refusal, this right cannot be revoked, except if and insofar as another potential Customer makes an offer to Jorplace to enter into an Agreement concerning all or part of the Services due in the option. In that case the option holder must be informed of this offer by Jorplace, whereupon the option holder must state whether or not he wishes to take up the right of first refusal. If the option holder does not give notice that he wishes to take up the right of first refusal then this right shall lapse. A right of first refusal can only be granted in writing.

8.3 General obligations

Under the terms of the Catering Agreement, Jorplace is, without prejudice to the stipulations in the following clauses, bound to provide the agreed Services at the agreed times in the manner customary in a hostel. The obligation mentioned above does not apply:

  • in the event of force majeure on the side of Jorplace as defined in the Uniform Conditions of Jorplace;
  • if the Guest fails to arrive or arrives more than half an hour late;
  • if the Customer’s payment of the guarantee deposit/interim payment referred to in the Uniform Conditions of Jorplace is not made in good time;
  • if the Customer fails to provide a Turnover Guarantee in good time, despite a request to do so;
  • if the Customer in any other way fails to fulfil all his obligations towards Jorplace in whatever respect Jorplace is not obliged to accept and/or take into safe keeping any property of the Guest. Jorplace is never obliged to admit any domestic animal belonging to the Guest and may attach conditions to such admission.

8.4 Specific obligations and conditions

In Jorplace has hung or affixed and deposited the house rules in a clearly visible place for the information of its Guest, upon request the house rules are handed over in writing to the Guest. The Guest is obliged to observe the house rules. Jorplace is entitled to terminate the provision of Services to a Guest at any time without prior notice if the Guest repeatedly breaks the house rules, or otherwise behaves in such a way that the order and peace and quiet in or around Jorplace and/or the normal running of the place may be or is disturbed. In that case the Guest must leave the hostel at the first request. Jorplace may only exercise this right if the nature and seriousness of the breaches of the house rules by the guest give sufficient cause, in the reasonable opinion of Jorplace. Jorplace is entitled to ask the Guest to accept accommodation that differs from what is described in the Agreement, except if such a request is clearly unreasonable and must be considered obviously too inconvenient for the Guest. In the latter case, the Guest/Customer has the right to cancel the Agreement to which the aforementioned request of Jorplace applies, with immediate effect, without prejudice to his obligations based on other Agreements. If Jorplace saves money in the above circumstances by providing accommodation that differs from what is described in the Agreement, the Guest and/or Customer is entitled to the amount that is saved. Beyond that Jorplace shall never be obliged to pay any compensation.

8.5 Liability

Jorplace is never liable for any damage whatsoever suffered by the Customer, the Guest and/or third parties unless the damage is caused intentionally or Jorplace is grossly at fault. This liability exclusion also applies in particular to damage resulting from consuming foods prepared or served by Jorplace, and to damage resulting from computer-related problems. Jorplace is never liable for damage caused directly or indirectly to any persons or property as a direct or indirect result of any defect or any feature or circumstance on or in any moveable or immoveable property which Jorplace is looking after, holding on a long or short lease, hiring or which it owns or which is in any other way at the disposal of Jorplace, except if and insofar as the damage is caused intentionally or Jorplace is grossly at fault. The Customer and the Guest and anyone accompanying them are severally liable for all damage which has occurred and/or may occur to Jorplace and/or to any third party as a direct or indirect result of any non-fulfillment of obligations (culpable deficiency) and/or wrongful action, including breaking the house rules, committed by the Customer and/or the Guest and/or anyone accompanying them, as well as for all damage caused by any animal and/or any substance and/or any article which is in their possession or which is under their supervision.

Jorplace is not responsible for the following matters:

Possible personal injury or damage, in any form whatsoever and any costs arising from this.

Possibly stolen or damaged personal items and any costs that arise from this.

8.6 Settlement of accounts and payment

All accounts, including accounts relating to Cancellation or No-show, are due for payment by the Customer and/or Guest at the time they are presented to him. The Customer is responsible for paying in cash unless otherwise agreed in writing or unless agreed otherwise If payment otherwise than in cash is agreed, all invoices for any amount must be paid by the Customer to Jorplace within fourteen days of the invoice date. If an invoice is sent out, Jorplace is at all times entitled to add an extra 2% to the invoice to cover the restriction of its credit, which is removed if the Customer pays the invoice within fourteen days. Payment shall take place in Dutch currency(Euros). If Jorplace accepts, by exception, foreign instruments of payment then the market exchange rate in force at the time of payment shall apply. Jorplace may charge administration costs amounting to a maximum of 10% of the amount offered in foreign currency. Jorplace can effectuate this by adjusting the market exchange rate then in force by a maximum of 10%. Jorplace is never obliged to accept cheques, credit card, payment cards and other such instruments of payment and may attach conditions to the acceptance of such instruments of payment. The same applies to other instruments of payment not referred to here.

8.7 Applicable law and disputes

Jorplace’s general conditions are an extract from and based on the Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH), the conditions under which catering companies in the Netherlands, such as hotels, restaurants, bars and related companies (including catering establishments, party shops, etc.), we provide catering services and we conclude catering agreements. In every dispute the full UVH apply. The UVH are registered with the District Court and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in The Hague. Dutch law applies exclusively to all agreements. All disputes are exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the court of The Hague, the domicile of Jorplace.

Article 9 | Assistance from the Jorplace crew

Do you need help or is there a problem? The Jorplace staff is always ready to help. They appreciate it if you immediately inform the crew when a problem occurs, so that they can solve it immediately. The crew does its best to provide everyone with a pleasant stay.

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